Welcome to WILD for FOOD, thanks for stopping by.

I’m Charlotte – city dwelling lover of all things sweet and comforting, but with a passion for the healthier side of life.

With two kids, work, a husband and a demanding cat who thinks she’s a dog, I’m the first to keep things simple.  But my theory is that if you’re going to make chocolate cake, you may as well pack it full of the most nutritious ingredients possible.

So I started experimenting with stripping back the dairy, sugar and wheat in recipes, replacing them with the most amazing fruits, seeds and nuts.  And guess what – everything tastes even better!

It’s definitely trial and error but what started out as a passion for nutritious food has turned into a journey – a magnet towards a more nourishing, healing, happy life.  Not sure how it works, but good food just seems to have that effect.

Here’s to all things delicious and nutritious. Hope you enjoy.